About Colbyco

From the time he was two and got his very first hammer, Colby has been “on the job”.

Growing up building forts with his Dad and then moving on to working in his Dads Construction Company Colby learned literally from the ground up.
Now working WITH his Dad instead of FOR him, the two combine their decades of experience with Young, Fresh Ideas. read more to find out more about us

Colbyco Homes is a son and father company.

Colby the son grew up in the building world with his dad and is now a contractor. Gordon the Dad, who built, renovated and remodeled over 600 homes, in the Portland area during his 30-year career as a builder and developer are together as a team.

We are true Oregonians, never living outside the state and we care deeply about our home here in Portland. We believe it is of utmost importance to conserve the feel and style of Portland in order to build better neighborhoods and communities.

When we look at a project we take account of the surrounding area and what the houses look like. When we renovate we keep the neighborhood in mind and would never put a modern home in a craftsman style or a Tudor neighborhood.

We do our best to match the neighborhood with new homes we build in older areas of the city. We always have several elevations planned with the sight in mind and select the one that is best suited for the area and houses in the vicinity.

We enjoy Renovation and remodel projects because we get to know the neighborhood, talking to many of the neighbors, and helping them with their projects. We become part of the neighborhood while we are there because we are over-seeing every aspect of the building and renovation that goes on, even doing some of the work ourselves.

It’s fun to watch all along the way just like one of the shows on HGTV and the neighbors always seem to enjoy it, we even stage the homes if they are for sale.

At the end of the day it is not about one home or one family it is about creating a neighborhood of caring people whom can become a part of the bigger picture of bringing the entire community together. When a neighborhood looks cared for on the outside, you can bet there are caring people living on the inside.

When our neighborhoods look better we feel better. We have pride, we take the time to know one another, we sit on the front porch and talk to the people passing by. We feel safe having our kids playing outside, making their chalk drawings on the side walk. The sidewalk waiting for the next rain to wash it clean.

It’s about creating a place where people can really enjoy life, and rejoice in a community that is created by caring about where we live.